Thursday, April 18, 2013

The full meeting packet is available here but does not include the Briarwood/Dawnview Final Feasibilty report, the BCWMC's 2012 Draft Annual Report, the invoices (linked below in item 4), or the Information Only items (linked below in item 8). The meeting materials are also available below as PDFs of the individual agenda items:

3-Approval of April 18, 2013, Meeting Agenda

-Administrator's Agenda Memo

Consent Agenda
4A-Approval of Meeting Minutes (March 21, 2013)

4B-Approval of April 2013 Financial Report

4C-Approval of Payment of Invoices
4Ci-Keystone Waters, LLC- Administrator Services for March 2013

4Cii-Barr Engineering - Engineering Services through March 29, 2013

4Ciii-Secretarial - March Administrative Services

4Civ-Wenck- March WOMP Tasks

4Cv-Kennedy & Graven - Legal Services through February 28, 2013

4Cvi-D'amico- ACE Catering- April Meeting Catering

4D. Approval 0f 2013 CAMP Contract (to be supplied at the meeting)

4E. Hennepin County Request to extend major plan amendment comment period

5. New Business
A. Clarification of Open Meeting Law with Regards to Electronic or Telephone Participation

B. TAC Recommendations

i. Lakeview Park Pond

ii. XP-SWMM and P8 Model Completion
iii. Watershed Tour Sites

C. Approve 2012 Annual Report

6-Old Business
A. Briarwood/Dawnview Water Quality Improvement Project
i. Presentation of Final Feasibility Report

ii. Select Option for CIP Project

B. Major Plan Amendment
i. Consider Setting Maximum Levy Amount for 2014 Projects for submittal to Hennepin County
ii. Update on Schedule for Public Hearing and Response to Comments

C. Review of Draft FEMA Hennepin County Floodplain Maps

D. Update on CAMP volunteers

E. Update on Twin Lake Fishery Investigation

F. Receive Update on Next Generation Plan Development
-Plan Steering Committee Meeting Minutes from March 25th Meeting

i. Small group meetings
ii. Proposal from GTS for assistance with Summit

iii. Survey
iv. Progress on updating Land and Water Resource Inventory

A. Administrator: Administrator's Report
B. Chair
C. Commissioners
D. Committees
E. Legal Counsel
F. Engineer

8 . Information Only
A. Upcoming Events and Notices

B. Comment Letter from Len Kremer on Draft Upper Mississippi River Bacteria TMDL

C. Minutes from March 12, 2013, WMWA Meeting

D. Amended DNR Groundwater Appropriation Permit for General Mills Landscape Irrigation

E.. Clean Water Fair on April 25th - Wright Hennepin Clean Water Resource Association

F. LID Symposium Registration

G. March/April Links to Water Related News Articles

H. Grant Tracking Summary and Spreadsheet