Thursday, August 15, 2013

Note: The BCWMC's August 15th meeting will start at 8:30 a.m. in the Council Conference Room Room at Golden Valley City Hall. The full meeting packet(10,379 KB)will is available here but does not include the the invoices (linked below in item 4), the plans for the Four Seasons Mall Water Quality Project (item 5A) or the Information Only items (linked below in item 8). The meeting materials are also available below as PDFs of the individual agenda items:

3-Approval of Agenda
-August 15, 2013, Meeting Agenda

-Administrator's Agenda Memo

4. Consent Agenda
4A-Approval of Minutes:
i. July 18, 2013, Commission Meeting

ii. July 18, 2013, Workshop Meeting

4B-Approval of Monthly Financial Report

4C-Approval of Payment of Invoices
4Ci. Keystone Waters, LLC – July 2013 Administrator Services

4Cii. Barr Engineering – Engineering Services through July 26, 2013

4Ciii. Secretarial Services through July 31, 2013

4Civ. D’amico-ACE Catering – August 2013 Meeting Catering

4Cv. Kennedy & Graven - Legal Services through June 30, 2013

4Cvi. League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) Insurance Premium

4Cvii. Wenck - July WOMP Station Operation

4D. Approval of Development at 1400 Spring Valley Road, Golden Valley - Memo and Figure

5. New Business
A. Review of Four Seasons Mall Water Quality Project - 50% Development Plans (CIP NL-2)
-Memo and Figure


B. Resignation and Recognition of Commissioner Ted Hoshal

C. Appointment of Commission Secretary and Administrative Services Committee Member

D. Mid-year Budget Review

E. TAC Recommendations

i. Development Review Fees

ii. P8 Model Updates and Schedule
iii. Feasibility Study Process Improvement
-CIP Flowchart

6-Old Business
A. Receive Update on Next Generation Plan Development
i. Draft Next Generation Plan Steering Committee Meeting Notes (7/22/13 and 7/29/13)
ii. Preliminary Approval of Final Goals

iii. Discuss Process for Policy Development

B. Adopt Final 2014 BCWMC Budget

C. Update on Possible Electrofishing in Twin and Sweeney by DNR

D. Update on Possible Clean Water Fund Grant Applications for Commission Projects

E. Reschedule Watershed Tour

A. Administrator: Administrator's Report
B. Chair
C. Commissioners
D. Committees
E. Legal Counsel
F. Engineer

8. Information Only
A. Grant Tracking Summary and Spreadsheet

B. Public Hearing Notice to Member Cities

C. Clean Water Summit on September 12th at UMN Landscape Arboretum:
D. Upcoming Events and Notices

E. Links to Water-Related News Articles

9. Adjournment