Thursday, February 21, 2013

The February 21st BCWMC meeting will be held in the Medicine Lake Room at Plymouth City Hall (3400 Plymouth Road, Plymouth, MN 55447)

The full meeting packet is available here but does not include the invoices (linked below), the draft feasibility report for the Twin Lake Project, or the Information Only items. The meeting materials are also available below as PDFs of the individual agenda items:

3-Approval of February 21, 2013, Meeting Agenda

-Administrator's Agenda Memo

Consent Agenda
4A-Meeting Minutes (January 17, 2013)

4B-February Financial Report- Fiscal Year 2013

-February Financial Report- Fiscal Year 2012

4C-Approval of Payment of Invoices
4Ci-Keystone Waters, LLC- Administrator Services for January 2013

4Cii-Kennedy & Graven - Legal Services through December 31, 2012

4Ciii-Barr Engineering - Engineering Services through January 25, 2013

4Civ-Secretarial - January Administrative Services

4Cv-D'amico- ACE Catering- February Meeting Catering

4Cvi-MMKR-First Billing of FY 2012 Audit

4Cvii-Hamline University-2013 Contribution to Watershed Partners

4Cviii-City of Golden Valley- 2012 Financial Services

4Cix-Kennedy & Graven - Legal Services through January 31, 2013

4D. Approval of Payment of Reimbursement Request from City of Crystal for North Branch Project

4E. Approval of Golden Valley 2013 Pavement Management Plan

4F. Approval of Tiburon Site Redevelopment Project

4G. Approval of the Metropolitan Council Grant Agreement for the Metropolitan Area WOMP Programand Approval of the Contract with Wenck for 2013 WOMP Services

4H. Approval of Recording Secretary Rate Adjustment and Language Update to Service Agreement

4I. Approval of Resolution 13-02 Approving the Transfer of the Fiscal Year 2012 TMDL Budget of $10,000 from the BCWMC's Administrative Account to the TMDL Account

5-Organizational Meeting
A. Appoint Officers
B. Appoint Committee Members
C. Discuss TAC Liaison Process/ Schedule
D. Order Preparation of 2012 Annual Report

6. New Business
A. Discuss 2013 BCWMC Budget and Carryover Process

-2013 BCWMC Operating Budget

-2013 Revenue and Assessment Table

-2013 Budget Line Item Explanation

B. Present Draft Feasibility Report for Twin Lake Project

C. Order Submittal of Major Plan Amendment to BWSR

D. TAC Recommendations

i. Continue to Receive Engineering Services from Barr Engineering
ii. Consider Directing Commission Engineer to attend MPRB's design charette regarding the Bottineau transitway

E. Discuss 2013 CAMP Participation

7-Old Business
A. Discuss Letters of Interest from Legal Consultants

B. Approval of 2013 WMWA Agreement

-Agreement (showing tracked changes)

-Agreement (with changes incorporated)

C. Update on Next Generation Watershed Management Plan and Review of Draft Gaps Analysis
i. Review of Proposed Plan Process, Budget, and Steps
-Proposed Plan Steps and Schedule Document

-11x17 Plan Schedule

-Meeting notes from 1/28/13 Meeting of the Plan Steering Committee

ii. Update on Public Input Process
-Meeting notes from 1/28/13 Gaps Analysis Workshop/ BCWMC Special Meeting

-Resident Input Survey-Final Version

D. Approval of Resolution to Modify the BCWMC's Joint Powers Agreement due to its Upcoming Expiration
-Amendment to the JPA

-Resolution to Approve to Amendment

A. Administrator: Administrator's Report

B. Chair
C. Commissioners
D. Committees
-Administrative Services Committee: Meeting Notes from 1-17-13 Meeting
E. Legal Counsel
F. Engineer

9 . Information Only
A. 1/31/13 Star Tribune Article "Cosmetics Ingredient Tainting State Lakes"

B. 1894 U.S.G.S. Topographical Map of Minneapolis and Southwest Metro Area
C. Friends of the Mississippi River and the National Park Service "State of the River" Report (link to site)
D. BCWMC Roster

E. BCWMC Administrative Calendar

F. Hennepin Conservation District Cost Share Programs

G. WCA Applications-City of Plymouth:
-Cornerstone Commons

-Heather Run

-Parkview Ridge

H. Grant Tracking Summary and 11x17 Grant Tracking Spreadsheet

i. MPRB Community Engagement Plan for Bassett Creek Main Stem Channel Restoration