Thursday, January 17, 2013

The full meeting packet (23 MB) is available herebut does not include the invoices, or the 11x17 Plan Process Schedule. The invoices are linked below. The meeting materials are also available below as PDFs of the individual agenda items:

3-January 17, 2012, Meeting Agenda

4A-Meeting Minutes (December 20, 2012)

4B-January 2013 Financial Report

4C-Approval of Payment of Invoices
4Ci- Barr Engineering - Engineering Services through December 28, 2012

4Cii-Secretarial - December Administrative Services

4Ciii-D'amico- ACE Catering- January Meeting Catering

4Civ-Hennepin County Environmental Services - 2012 Participation in River Watch

4Cv-Metropolitan Council - 2012 Participation in CAMP (Citizen-assisted Monitoring Program)

4Cvi-Rice Creek - 2012 Blue Thumb Participation

4Cvii- CNA Surety - Fiscal Year 2013 Bond Premium (to be paid out of FY 2013 budget)

4D-Resolution 13-01 Designating Official Depositories for BCWMC Funds

4E-Boone Avenue Convenience Center & Retail Building: Golden Valley

5-New Business
A. Discussion of Slate of Officers for 2013 (verbal)

B. Next Steps for Considering Letter of Interest from Consultants (verbal)

C. TAC Recommendations

i. Review Draft BCWMC CIP 2015-2019
ii. Review Draft Budget Document Information
iii. Schedule Future TAC Meetings

D. Met Council Call for Members of Watershed Organization Technical Advisory Committee

6-Old Business
A. WMWA Request for Use of 2012 Administrative Funds

B. Update on Next Generation Watershed Management Plan and Review of Draft Gaps Analysis
i. Review of Proposed Plan Steps and Process

-11x17 Plan Schedule

Meeting notes from 1/7/13 meeting of the Plan Steering Committee

ii. Set Up Special Commission Meeting to Review Gaps Analysis

-Notes from 12/20/12 Visioning Workshop

D. TMDL Implementation Reporting Update

A. Administrator

B. Chair
C. Commissioners
D. Committees
E. Legal Counsel
F. Engineer: Grant Tracking Summaryand 11x17 chart

8 . Information Only
-BCWMC Administrative Calendar

-BCWMC Roster