Thursday, October 15, 2015

The full meeting packet is available here but does not include the invoices (linked below in item 4), the Breakdown of Plan Budget and Costs by Task table (5A), the revised Bassett Creek Feasibility Study memo(item 5B - memo revision date 10/14/15), the Bassett Creek Feasibility Study map (5B), theresolution to approve applying for DNR funding for flood hazard mitigation grant assistance (5C), or the Information Only items (linked below in item 7). The meeting materials are also available below as PDFs of the individual agenda items:

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call
  2. Citizen Forum on Non-Agenda Items - Citizens may address the Commission about any item not on the agenda. A maximum of 15 minutes is allowed for the Forum. If the full 15 minutes are not needed for the Forum, the Commission will continue with the agenda. The Commission will take no official action on the items discussed at the Forum, with the exception of referral to staff or a Committee for a recommendation to be brought back to the Commission for discussion/action.
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Consent Agenda
  5. Business
  6. Communications
    • A. Administrator: Administrator's Report
      • i. Reminder of November's Wednesday Commission Meeting
      • ii. Report on NEMO Winter Maintenance Workshop
    • B. Chair
    • C. Commissioners
      • i. Report of Golden Valley Arts and Music Festival
      • ii. Report on Water Resources Conference
    • D. TAC Members
    • E. Committees
    • F. Legal Counsel
    • G. Engineer
  7. Information Only (Information is online only)
  8. Adjournment