Bassett Creek Main Stem Restoration Project: Golden Valley Road to Irving Avenue North


Project Number: 2012CR

Project Status   |  Complete

The BCWMC approved the 90% design plans at its March 2014 monthly meeting. Construction began in December 2014 and completed in fall of 2015. The Board received the final report on the project and the final reimbursement request from the City of Minneapolis at the BCWMC's November 2015 meeting.

Project Funding   |   Grant Funded

The estimated cost of this project is $856,000. Originally the BCWMC anticipated that $177,101 would be funded by the BCWMC's Capital Improvement Program Closed Project Fund and up to $678,899 would be funded by the BCWMC's 2011 ad valorem tax levy to collected via Hennepin County in 2012. The BCWMC received a Clean Water Fund Grant in the amount of $217,500 for this project, reducing the BCWMC's estimated project cost to $638,000. To-date the BCWMC has reimbursed the City of Minneapolis $640,082.37 for project costs.

Project Description

The BCWMC, in cooperation with the City of Minneapolis, repaired eroded stream bank at nine sites along Bassett Creek from Golden Valley Road to Irving Avenue North. The project stabilized 2,100 feet of stream bank, and most of the repair work was located within Theodore Wirth park. This project will reduce phosphorous loading to Bassett Creek by an estimated 60 pounds per year and total suspended solids loading by 105,000 pounds per year. Additionally this project will held protect drinking water supplies because cleaner water from tributaries reduces water treatment costs for downstream municipalities. Bassett Creek is tributary to the Mississippi River, which is a source of drinking water for dozens of downstream communities.

Take a virtual tour of the project and surrounding area! Click "play" above. Photos and text provided by Upper School photography and science students from The Blake School in Minneapolis.

 Detailed project map

More Information

Final Project Report: 2012 Bassett Creek Main Stem Restoration Project Final Report

Feasibility Study: Feasibility Report for the Bassett Creek Main Stem Restoration Project: Golden Valley Road to Irving Avenue North(BCWMC, June 2011)

Design Plans:

50% Design Plans

90% Design Plans

BCWMC Resolution Ordering Project: Resolution 11-09 (September 15, 2011)

Contact: BCWMC Administrator Laura Jester at laura.jester@keystonewaters.com or 952-270-1990.