DeCola Ponds B & C Improvement Project

Golden Valley

Project Number: BC-2,3,8

Project Status   |  Proposed

At their meeting on September 21, 2017, the Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission approved a proposal from the Commission Engineer (Barr Engineering) to perform a feasibility study for the project which will begin in October 2017 and continue through the winter. The feasibility study will develop conceptual designs of the flood mitigation and water quality improvement project, estimate the amount of accumulated material to be dredged from DeCola Pond B along with methods and disposal requirements, review the permitting requirements, and develop concept plans and cost estimates for the project. In early October 2017, a letter from the City of Golden Valley was mailed to residents in the vicinity of the project.

Project Funding   |   Not Grant Funded

The majority of funding for this project, estimated at $1.6 million, is slated to come from a tax levied on the residents of the Bassett Creek Watershed by Hennepin County in 2019 and 2020.

Project Description

The proposed project will improve flood storage volumes within the project area, develop additional water quality treatment volume, and remove accumulated sediment that has collected in the north end of DeCola Pond B. The project will alleviate local flooding around Medicine Lake Road, and downstream at DeCola Ponds A, B, C and D, and will improve water quality downstream by trapping sediment in the ponds and expanded storage, thus minimizing sediment passing downstream to Bassett Creek. The proposed project will also improve ecology and wildlife habitat, enhance active and passive recreation opportunities, and provide educational opportunities.

Project Announcements

A public open house was held on Thursday November 9th to gather input from residents and answer questions. Another open house will be held in late winter/early spring after project concepts are developed. Stay tuned to this site for further information or email Laura Jester to be added to an email distribution list.

 Detailed project map

More Information

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