Thursday, February 16, 2023

The Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission meeting starts at 8:30 a.m. and will be held in person in the Council Conference Room at Golden Valley City Hall (7800 Golden Valley Rd.)

Most meeting materials are available in one document: FULL PACKET. But it does not include the invoices in 4C, the complete fee schedule in 4G, the data practices policy in 4N, nor the "information only" items in Section 8. The complete meeting materials are available below as PDFs for each individual agenda item.


2. PUBLIC FORUM ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS - Members of the public may address the Commission about any item not on the agenda. A maximum of 15 minutes is allowed for the Forum. If the full 15 minutes are not needed for the Forum, the Commission will continue with the agenda. The Commission will take no official action on the items discussed at the Forum, with the exception of referral to staff or a Committee for a recommendation to be brought back to the Commission for discussion/action.



A. Approval of Minutes - January 19, 2023 Commission Meeting

B. Acceptance of February Financial Report

C. Approval of Payment of Invoices

i. Keystone Waters, LLC - January 2023 Administrator Services

ii. Keystone Waters, LLC – January 2023 Meeting Expenses

iii. Barr Engineering - January 2023 Engineering Services

iv. Kennedy & Graven – December 2022 Legal Services

v. Redpath – January 2023 Accounting Services

vi. Triple D Espresso – Meeting Catering

vii. Stantec – WOMP Services

D. Approval of Updated Conflict of Interest Policy

E. Approval of Letter of Engagement from MMKR for 2022 Financial Audit

F. Approval of Updated Agreement for Legal Services

G. Approval of Updated Agreement for Engineering Services

H. Approval to Submit Comments on MPCA Construction Stormwater Permit

I. Approval to Designate Finance and Commerce as the Official News Publication of the BCWMC

J. Approval of Resolution 23-01 Designating Depositories for BCWMC Funds

K. Approval of Resolution 23-02 to Transfer Funds from CIP Account to Administrative Account

L. Approval of Resolution 23-03 Transferring Funds from TMDL Studies, Next Generation Plan Development and Flood Control Project Long Term Accounts to Administrative Fund

M. Approval of Resolution 23-04 to Transfer Funds from Administrative Account to Channel Maintenance Fund and Long-Term Maintenance Fund

N. Approval to Adopt Data Practices Policy


A. Elect Officers

B. Review Roles and Responsibilities Document and Bylaws

C. Discuss Commissioner Appointments and Attendance Expectations

D. Review 2023 Commission Calendar and Areas of Work

E. Appoint Committee Members

i. Administrative Services Committee

ii. Budget Committee

iii. Education Committee

iv. Plan Steering Committee

v. Technical Advisory Committee Liaison

F. Review Open Meeting Law

G. Review Year End Financial Report (Feb 1, 2022 - Jan 31, 2023)


A. Receive Update and Consider Approving Payment Request for Lagoon Dredging Project

B. Consider Providing Direction to Staff on Linear Projects Standards in 2025 Watershed Management Plan

C. Update on Planning for February 28th Public Open House


A. Administrator’s Report

i. Clarification on Interim Administrator Role

B. Chair

C. Commissioners

D. TAC Members

E. Committees

F. Legal Counsel

G. Engineer

i. Update on Bryn Mawr Construction


A. Administrative Calendar

B. CIP Project Updates

C. Grant Tracking Summary and Spreadsheet

D. WCA Notice of Application, Crystal

E. Star Tribune Article: Low Salt No Salt Minnesota Campaign

F. CCX News Story: Low Salt No Salt Minnesota Campaign

G. Correspondence on Proposed Golden Valley Land Use Amendment

H. Loppet Sustainability Fair