Bassett Creek Park Phase I Dredging Project: Winnetka Pond


Project Number: BCP-2

Project Status   |  Complete

A feasibility study was completed and approved in May 2017 and included bathymetric surveys, wetland delineations, and sediment sampling including analyses for harmful contaminants in both Bassett Creek Park Pond and Winnetka Pond. The Commission approved the Engineer's recommendation to dredge only Winnetka Pond (with intent to dredge Bassett Creek Park Pond in a future year) to a depth of 6 feet; to install a native vegetative buffer around most of the pond, and to control the goose population at the pond. An open house and public input meeting was held in February 2017 for residents to learn more about the project and for BCWMC and city staff to hear concerns and answer questions. See the feasibility study for further details, maps, analyses, etc.

A public hearing was held September 21, 2017 to hear residents concerns and answer questions about the project. After the hearing was closed, the BCWMC officially ordered the project by resolution, and entered an agreement with the City of Crystal to design and construct the project.

The Commission approved 50% construction designs (plans) at their meeting in April 2018 and the 90% construction plans at their June 2018 meeting. Construction began in January 2019.

Construction began in late 2018 and was completed summer 2019. The native buffer restoration work will continue through 2023. The Commission approved a final project report in September 2020.

Project Funding   |   Not Grant Funded

The project was funded through an ad valorum levy on all watershed residents through Hennepin County. Final project costs include:

Feasibility Study: $61,248

Administrative Costs: $7,994

Design and Construction (less buffer maintenance through 2023): $985,181

Estimated Buffer Maintenance Costs (including Engineering): $33,326

Total: $1,087,749

Project Description

This project in the City of Crystal dredged approximately 20,000 cubic yards (CY) of sediment from Winnetka Pond, increased the permanent pool volume to 14.6 acre-feet, and installed a native buffer around the pond to deter geese and improve pollinator and upland habitat. Winnetka Pond is located directly on the North Branch of Bassett Creek near the intersection of 36th Avenue North and Winnetka Avenue North. It’s approximately 3 acres in size and drains roughly 243 acres of urban land from portions of Crystal and New Hope. The project increased the depth of the pond from 0-2 feet average depth, to 6 feet deep across the entire pond. This project reduces total phosphorus by 51.7 pounds per year (based on professional judgement calculations) and total suspended solids by 1,823 pounds per year. Construction started in December of 2018 and pond dredging was completed in June of 2019. Approximately 5,500 cubic yards of contaminated sediment was discovered during construction which required special disposal and increased the project cost. Once dredging was completed, work started on the 5-year native buffer restoration which will continue through at least summer of 2023.

Project Announcements

None at this time.

More Information

Final Report Approved September 2020

90% Design Plans Approved June 2018

50% Design Plans Approved April 2018

Resolution Ordering Project Sept 2017

Project Overview Presentation Sept 2017

Final Feasibility Study May 2017 (no appendices)

Feasibility Study Appendices May 2017