Parkers Lake Drainage Improvement & Chloride Reduction Project


Project Number: PL-7

Project Status   |  Proposed

In August 2019, the BCWMC approved a proposal by the Commission's Engineers to develop a feasibility study for this project in conjunction with the Mt. Olivet Stream Restoration Project, also in Plymouth. A public open house on both projects was held in February 2020 to answer questions and get feedback from residents and other stakeholders. The feasibility study was reviewed by the BCWMC at their meeting on May 21, 2020. The report was approved along with approval to implement Alternatives 3 and 6.

Project Funding   |   Not Grant Funded

The total cost of this project is estimated at $485,000 including feasibility study, design, construction, chloride reduction practices, and administration. CIP funds for projects like this are collected through an ad valorum tax levied by Hennepin County on all Bassett Creek Watershed residents.

Project Description

This project will stabilize slopes and make other drainage and stormwater management improvements along an intermittent stream reach beginning at 18th Avenue North and continuing downstream 1,100 feet to just northwest of the intersection of County Road 6 and Niagara Lane North. Stabilizing banks will reduce sediment and nutrients reaching Parkers Lake and will improve habitat along the drainage way. Expected pollutant reduction to the lake is 20.1 pounds/year of total phosphorus.

Additionally, this project includes approximately $300,000 for chloride management and reduction practices or programs in the area north of the lake. Parkers Lake is considered impaired due to high chloride (salt) concentrations which is toxic to aquatic life and disrupts the natural lake processes. Water monitoring indicates that most of the chloride pollution is from winter deicers flowing from the area north of the lake. The BCWMC and the city of Plymouth will work with landowners and businesses in this area to implement winter maintenance practices and programs that use less salt.

 Detailed project map

More Information

Combined Feasibility Study: Parkers Lake Drainage Improvement Project & Mt. Olivet Stream Restoration Project (Parkers Lake Alternatives 3 & 6 Approved May 2020)

Feasibility Study Proposal (approved Aug 2019)