Mt. Olivet Stream Restoration Project


Project Number: ML-20

Project Status   |  Proposed

In August 2019, the BCWMC approved a proposal by the Commission's Engineers to develop a feasibility study for this project in conjunction with the Parkers Lake Drainage Improvement Project, also in Plymouth. A public open house on both projects was held in February 2020 to answer questions and get feedback from residents and other stakeholders. The feasibility study was reviewed by the BCWMC at their meeting on May 21, 2020. The report was approved along with approval to implement Alternative #1.

Project Funding   |   Not Grant Funded

The estimated total project of this project is $178,100 including feasibility study, design, construction, and administration. CIP funds for projects like this are collected through an ad valorum tax levied by Hennepin County on all Bassett Creek Watershed residents.

Project Description

This project will stabilize eroding stream banks along a stream channel from Old Rockford Road and continuing downstream (south) for approximately 1,300 feet. Stabilizing techniques will include bio-engineering like root wads and live stakes; rock cross vanes and rock toes may also be installed within and along the creek in some areas. A drop structure to reduce erosive flows from the adjacent Mt. Olivet church parking lot will be installed and 0.15 acres of wetland will be restored. This entire drainage area flows into Medicine Lake. The project will improve water quality in the lake by reducing sediment and nutrients eroding from the banks. The project is expected to reduce total phosphorus by 5.3 lbs/year and will improve riparian and wetland habitats.

 Detailed project map

More Information

Combined Feasibility Study: Parkers Lake Drainage Improvement Project & Mt. Olivet Stream Restoration Project (Mt. Olivet Alternative 1 Approved May 2020)

Feasibility Study Proposal (approved Aug 2019)