SEA School - Wildwood Park Flood Reduction Project

Golden Valley

Project Number: BC-2, 3, 8, 10

Project Status   |  Proposed

The city of Golden Valley gathered preliminary feedback from the neighborhood in 2020 and developed some high-level concepts for a future project. An informational project story map and concept plans are available here: https://www.goldenvalleymn.gov/stormwater/projects...

A detailed feasibility study is currently underway by the BCWMC in cooperation with the city. The final feasibility report is expected spring 2021.

Project Funding   |   Grant Funded

The estimated cost for this project is $2.7 million. The BCWMC will use an ad valorem tax levied on all watershed residents by Hennepin County to fund approximately $1.3 million (over two years) for this project. The remainder of the funding will come from a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MnDNR) Flood Damage Reduction Grant program.

Project Description

The Medicine Lake Road and Winnetka Avenue Area Long Term Flood Mitigation (MLRWA) Plan,completed in partnership by the Cities of Golden Valley, New Hope, and Crystal, identified multiple projects estimated at more than $22M that are needed to help alleviate flooding at the low point on Medicine Lake Road and adjacent properties just east of Winnetka Avenue, and downstream at DeCola Ponds. The SEA School/Wildwood Park Flood Storage Project is the second project from the MLRWA Plan to be constructed as a BCWMC capital improvement project. The first project—the DeCola Ponds B & C Improvement Project—was completed in summer 2020 and provides expanded flood storage and water quality treatment volume in the Medicine Lake Road and DeCola Ponds B & C area.

This new project is slated for implementation in 2022-2023 and will utilize BCWMC capital improvement funding along with a Minnesota Flood Damage Reduction Grant from the MN Department of Natural Resources. The proposed project will increase flood storage within the project area in order to reduce flooding around DeCola Ponds D, E and F. This may be accomplished through development of above-ground dry storage areas, excavation of new ponds, construction of underground storage, diversion of flow away from DeCola Ponds E & F, and/or modifications of the DeCola Pond D outlet. The project would improve water quality of runoff from the nearby watersheds; discharge from this area drains through Honeywell Pond in Golden Valley and ultimately flows into the mainstem of Bassett Creek.

The city of Golden Valley gathered input from residents in the area, created an informational story map, and developed high level concepts for the future project. Find more information on that work here. A detailed feasibility study is currently underway by the BCWMC and a final feasibility report is expected spring 2021.

Project Announcements

A virtual open house video and comment form is available now through the end of April on Golden Valley's Project Webpage. The draft feasibility study will be presented to the BCWMC at their meeting on May 20, 2021. Meeting information and materials can be found here one week prior to the meeting.

More Information

Project Area Map

Golden Valley Project Webpage - including story map and high level concepts

BCWMC Feasibility Study Proposal - approved August 2020