Sochacki Park Water Quality Improvement Project

Robbinsdale and Golden Valley

Project Number: BC-14

Project Status   |  Proposed

A feasibility study is currently underway for this project with a final report expected later this summer. This project is proposed to be added to the BCWMC Capital Improvement Program through a minor amendment to the 2015 Bassett Creek Watershed Management Plan. If the plan is successfully amended, the BCWMC will hold a public hearing on September 21, 2023 before officially ordering this project. If ordered, project design is slated for late 2023 and early 2024 with construction beginning in 2024.

Project Funding   |   Not Grant Funded

Funding for this project is slated to come from multiple sources including up to $600,000 of BCWMC Capital Improvement Program funds. These funds are collected from taxpayers across the whole watersheds. Funding will also come from Three Rivers Park District and the cities of Golden Valley and Robbinsdale. Grant funding is also being sought.

Project Description

This project in the cities of Robbinsdale and Golden Valley will reduce total phosphorus by approximately 67 lbs/year, improving water quality within MnDNR protected wetlands and Bassett Creek, reducing chronic erosion and sedimentation, enhancing buffers and wildlife habitat, and improving recreation and educational opportunities. This is a joint project with multiple partners and multiple funding sources. BMP recommendations are based on a subwatershed assessment completed in 2022.

Public wetlands within this highly-used regional park are ecologically degraded, negatively impacting Bassett Creek which is impaired for biota. Wetlands do not meet the subwatershed assessment study goals for total phosphorus (concentration of 75 μg/L), chlorophyll a (concentration of 40 μg/L), or secchi disk transparency (1 meter). This highly-collaborative project seeks to protect and improve DNR wetlands and Bassett Creek with a holistic approach while enhancing existing and planned nature-based programming in the park. Partners include the cities of Robbinsdale, Golden Valley, and Crystal, Three Rivers Park District (TRPD), MnDNR, and potentially others.

 Detailed project map

More Information

This project is based off findings in the Sochacki Park Subwatershed Assessment