Bassett Creek Main Stem Restoration Project: Wisconsin Ave to 10th Ave and Duluth St to the Crystal Border

Golden Valley

Project Number: 2011CR

Project Status   |  Complete

Project construction started in December 2012, and by March 2013 construction was mostly complete. The project was finished in the fall of 2013.

Project Funding   |   Not Grant Funded

The cost of this project was $580,200, of which $419,000 was funded from the BCWMC's Capital Improvement Program Closed Project Account and $160,700 was funded by the BCWMC's 2010 ad valorem tax levy collected via Hennepin County in 2011.

Project Description

The BCWMC, in cooperation with the City of Golden Valley, stabilized and restored approximately 3,600 feet of shoreline. An additional project facilitated through private funding stabilized another 770 feet of shoreline. Stabilization techniques included:

  • Reshaping eroding streambanks;
  • Stabilizing the toe of the slope with field stone;
  • Rip rap stabilization;
  • Installing live stakes of willow and dogwood;
  • Seeding and blanketing disturbed areas with native shoreland mix;
  • Tree removal to provide site access and to increase light penetration for native vegetation growth; and,
  • Culvert stabilization.

The project reduced the overall pollutant load to the Bassett Creek Main Stem by an estimated amount of 60 pounds of phosphorous per year and 105,000 pounds of total suspended sediment per year.

 Detailed project map

More Information

Feasibility Study: Feasibility Report for Bassett Creek Restoration Project - Reach 1 (BCWMC, September 2010)

BCWMC Project Final Report: Bassett Creek Main Stem Restoration Project Wisconsin Avenue to 10th Avenue and Duluth Street to Crystal Border, Golden Valley Final Report(BCWMC, December 2014)

BCWMC Resolution Ordering Project: Resolution 10-08 (September 23, 2010)

Contact: BCWMC Administrator Laura Jester at laura.jester@keystonewaters.com or 952-270-1990.