Bassett Creek Restoration Project: Regent Ave. to Golden Valley Rd.

Golden Valley

Project Number: 2024 CR-M

Project Status   |  Proposed

The BCWMC completed a feasibility study in June 2023 that identified, mapped, and prioritized stream sections in need of restoration along a 7,000 foot section of Bassett Creek in Golden Valley from Regent Avenue to Golden Valley Road. At their June 15, 2023 meeting, the BCWMC approved the implementation on "alternative 3," to stabilize all eroding streambanks including those ranked high, medium, and low priority.

Hennepin County approved the levy request for this project at their Board of Commissioners meeting in August 2023. At their September 21st meeting, the BCWMC held a public hearing on this project and officially ordered the project after no public comments were received. Project design is likely to begin in 2024 with construction potentially getting started winter 2024/2025.

Project Funding   |   Not Grant Funded

The estimated cost of this project including study, design, construction, and administration is $2,241,000. The City of Golden Valley will contribute $300,000 toward the project. The balance of $1,941,000 would be funded through taxes collected from all residents of the Bassett Creek Watershed area through the BCWMC Capital Improvement Program. Grant funds will be sought to offset the amount required from taxes.

Project Description

This proposed project would stabilize streambanks, reduce erosion, improve water quality, and improve stream habitat along Bassett Creek between Regent Avenue and Golden Valley Road in Golden Valley. The 7,000 foot section of stream was recently evaluated for restoration needs and potential restoration techniques. During the feasibility study, input from the public was gathered through a public open house in March 2023 and through online surveys. Additional input will be sought from residents during project design.

The project is expected to reduce pollution in Bassett Creek and downstream in the Mississippi River by an estimated 82 lbs. of total phosphorus and 136,000 lbs. of total suspended solids each year. A variety of restoration techniques are proposed including re-grading channel banks where feasible, stabilize with vegetation and/or bioengineering methods, such as live stakes or fascines; stabilize streambank toe with boulders, root wads/toe wood, fascines, coir logs, or a combination of these methods; installing J-hook vanes within the creek bed (boulder or log); installing boulder cross vanes within the creek bed.

Project Announcements

No announcements at this time. For additional information on this project contact laura.jester@keystonewaters.com.

 Detailed project map

More Information

Final Feasibility Study approved at the June 2023 BCWMC meeting (Appendices)

Project Overview and Options presented at March 2023 open house